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Supercharge Your Dental Practice Growth

There is $100,000 of Untapped Potential in Your
Dental Practice!

Supercharge Your Dental Practice GrowthIs your dental practice growth all it could be?  Are you treating the ideal number of patients for your practice?  Is your staff working as efficiently and effectively as it could be?

Having personally analyzed hundreds of dental practices at ALL levels of development, from plateaued practices to highly successful practices, Linda Drevenstedt has found at least $100,000 in missed revenue from hidden opportunities.

We can help you meet your dental practice growth goals, increase your profitability and maintain your competitive edge in a changing market.

So where is your $100,000?

 What People Are Saying

Dr. Brent Copeland & Team

Dr. Brent Copeland & Team

“Linda truly brought my practice to the next level…. Linda helped all of us grow out of our comfort zones and commit to doing what was truly the best for our patients. The entire staff has been transformed…. And it has all paid off. March was the best month we have ever had—over  $120K. I highly recommend Linda and her [dental growth strategies].”

— Dr. Brent Copeland



Our revenues are up 80% since you were here with no change in overhead. Thank you for your guidance…. I attribute most of our success to the course you set for us.”

— Dr. Alan Coleman, Athens, AL

“After the first month of consulting which covered scheduling systems we saw our monthly production increase an average of 20% with only the changes made in our scheduling system.  Hygiene production went up 35% per day per hygienist and this is still an area of growth as we refine our hygiene department.  All total, I can attribute at least $85,000 of our production directly to changes made from having you in our office and we didn’t start the consulting until mid year.  This increase does not come from any fee increase either.”

— Dr. William W. Brown, Jr., Greenville, SC

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